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Epithelial barrier function assays

We have successfully grown HUB Organoids™ as 2D monolayers on Transwells® to analyze tight-junction dynamics and determine barrier function integrity of epithelia in response to various external stimuli, like a drug or chemical compound. Assays results are used to determine your drug EC50/IC50 and can be presented as dose response curves and/or IC/EC values.

  • Barrier function/integrity is evaluated by measuring the trans epithelial electrical resistance (TEER)
  • Transport function is assesses by measuring a fluorescent readout such as a PGP probe, across the organoid membrane
  • Florescent markers such as Lucifer Yellow or Dextran-FITC are measured to evaluate paracellular permeability
  • Cell viability is determined by quantifying the cellular ATP content
Cystic fibrosis organoids.png

Quick facts

  • Assay layout: 24- and 96-well plate format
  • Read out: measurement of fluorescence (permeability/barrier function) and cellular ATP levels (cell viability)
  • Application area: epithelial biology, barrier disfunction (IBD, celiac disease, leaky gut), toxicology

Assays validated on the following HUB Organoid™ Models

  • Human: colon, small intestine
  • Rat: small intestine

Additional services

  • Genomics
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Cytokine analysis by ELISA 
  • Organoid model development

Custom made assay development and set up can be carried upon request.

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