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Our service offering is based on the state-of-the-art HUB Organoid Technology and includes new HUB Organoid™ model development and biobanking for a range of diseases, drug screening, and our clinical trials in a dish (CTiD) platform for preclinical patient stratification and personalized medicine approaches.


Model development

As leading experts in patient-derived organoid development we can support your drug testing needs for a variety of disease areas where clinically relevant models are yet to be developed. We seek to collaborate with industry partners to continue expanding our living biobank of HUB Organoids™ and to foster organoids adoption across an increasing number of diseases and patient populations, for applications ranging from preclinical drug development to early-stage clinical patient stratification.

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Drug screening assays

HUB Organoids™ are amenable to a wide range of standard in vitro assays typically used in compound testing such as the evaluation of cell viability and cytotoxicity for drug efficacy and toxicity screens, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence imaging, gene expression profiling (protein and mRNA), FACS analysis, and DNA/RNAseq. Additionally, we have developed organ and disease specific assays to evaluate:

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Drug screening platform - Clinical trials in a dish

Our living organoid biobank includes more than 1000 organoid models, representing a variety of organs and disease types. Your selected models from our biobank can be enrolled in Clinical Trials in a Dish (CTiD), our translational platform for preclinical drug testing and clinical patient stratification, which allows you to obtain in vitro response data to inform your patient stratification in preclinical studies. CTiD can also be used in co-clinical applications where patient-derived HUB Organoids™ function as a predictive diagnostic tool to identify the best therapeutic strategy for each patient.

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