Licensing and Partnering Opportunities

HUB aims to drive innovation through licensing opportunities, creating research and development collaborations, offering services and establishing spin-off activities as a stand-alone or in combination with other innovative technologies. HUB holds true to its vision to be the global leader and centre of excellence in the field of Organoid Technology by advancing its efforts to bring a Patient in the Lab™. Partnerships with different leaders in the field of life sciences extend the reach and capabilities of HUB Organoid Technology, which is an important part of our business strategy.

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As a key part of our business strategy to disseminate Organoid Technology, HUB offers licenses to its proprietary Organoid Technology platform, know-how and access to the HUB Organoid biobank. HUB licenses allow the industry to use our technology in different fields for many purposes. Our licenses include a technology transfer package, on-site training and access to our HUB Organoid biobank to help implementing the technology in-house.

HUB Organoid Technology platform can be exploited for target discovery, drug efficacy and safety studies, and genomic and functional studies on a scale that cannot be achieved by clinically relevant models. Furthermore, disease-specific collections of organoids enable preclinical stratification of patient populations.



Research and Development Collaborations

Leveraging our expertise in the field of Organoid Technology, HUB offers research and development collaborations based on its state-of-the-art technology platform and extensive experience with innovative technologies. HUB has various collaborations with its partners for developing new organoid models, novel assays, performing mechanism of action studies and generating (proprietary) organoid biobanks in range of different disease areas.


HUB offers preclinical and clinical services in different disease areas such as CF, cancer, genetic diseases, IBD, COPD and infectious diseases.

The HUB Organoid Technology can be used to measure all biomedical characteristics of cells which have been developed over the last 50 years. Our assay services range from measuring viability of organoids in response to drug treatments (e.g. cancer), to complex imaging assays or -omics to study drug response. In addition, we have generated different formats to perform organoid assays in the traditional ‘3D’ cystic or budding shapes, organoids as ‘2D’ epithelium to study barrier function, transport, and interaction with the microbiome.




HUB aims to drive innovation through partnering opportunities as a stand-alone or in combination with other innovative technologies through a variety of commercial structures.

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