Organoids Master Class Webinar Series

Title: HUB Organoids™ – Impacting Clinical Outcomes Using Organoid Disease Models

Key to the development of the HUB Organoid Technology was the discovery of LGR5+ intestinal adult stem cells by the Clevers’ lab. When provided with the appropriate growth factors, HUB Organoids™ proved to be both genetically and phenotypically stable during prolonged periods of cell culture and are amenable to all standard experimental manipulations, including middle through-put drug screen.

HUB has developed a comprehensive HUB Organoid biobank from the monogenetic disease Cystic Fibrosis (CF) capturing both common and rare CFTR mutations. Similarly, HUB has created an extensive organoid biobank of different tissue origin like colon, lung, breast, pancreas, and ovary. These organoid biobanks have been characterized at the genetic and transcriptional level. They provide a unique in vitro system for screening the efficacy of both approved drugs and compounds in preclinical development. Furthermore, HUB Organoids can serve as a patient avatar in clinical development and/or diagnostics. In this setting, HUB Organoids are subjected to different treatment options and used to predict the optimal treatment for the patient. This personal medicine approach is currently under evaluation for both CF and oncology applications with the ultimate goal to improve the quality of patients’ life.

Speaker: Jasper Mullenders

Date: September 17

Time: 4 PM CET

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