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Immune-mediated tumor organoid killing assay

Our organoid and immune cell co-culture platform can be used to evaluate new immunomodulatory compounds such as bi-specifics, checkpoint inhibitors, or CAR-T cells. Our standardized assay format allows to measure reactivity of high-dose-IL-2 expanded, unbiased/polyclonal Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL) against paired cancer patient-derived HUB Organoids™. TILs reactivity is measured by quantifying the level of induced tumor organoid cell death. If paired TIL are not available, non-paired T cell clones and HLA-matched peptide pulsed organoids can be exploited.

Immune -cells.png

Quick facts

  • Assay layout: 96-well plate format
  • Read out: organoid cell death and/or IFNγ production
  • Application area: immuno-oncology

Assay validated on the following HUB Organoid™ models

  • Colon

Additional services

  • Genomics services
  • Imaging
  • Cytokine analysis by ELISA 
  • Flow cytometry for phenotyping and to assess TIL viability

On request, we can set up specific assays that are not listed and which we have not yet developed.

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