About HUB

Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) was founded by the Hubrecht Institute, the University Medical Center Utrecht, and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). HUB`s technology constitutes a paradigm-shifting platform for drug discovery and development, (pre)clinical patient stratification, predictive diagnostics, personalized medicine, clinical trials, regenerative medicine, and companion diagnostics. HUB  exploits the pioneering work of Prof. Dr. Hans Clevers, who discovered the HUB Organoid Technology to grow ‘mini-organs’ – organoids – from epithelial tissue derived adult stem cells (ASCs).

HUB Organoids: a Patient in the Lab

The HUB Organoid™ model system is one of a kind as it was proven to be representative for individual human patients. This breakthrough invention allows us to establish a laboratory model of any epithelial disease, from any patient: a Patient in the Lab™. The preclinical application of a model that represent the clinical patient response, will greatly impact the high attrition rate of drug development. Furthermore, it can fundamentally change clinical trials as well as patient treatment since we have a method to predict each patient`s response.